Saturday, March 28, 2009

5 steps in making your character act

There are of course many steps in 2d animation ( don't look at me like that ). I'm just mentioned about animating the character (i.e) making it him/her act from drawing. We may wonder people saying that its a longer process and takes more time and human resources. Yes it is!.

But break down only the animation process.. Let me make it clear for you.

Here it is !

1) drawing your character on paper ( from your mind ).
2) tracing the character ( again and again) to make the character intimate for you so that u can imagine the character actions ( easier to imagine = easier to draw = easier to act ).
3) completing character turn around. ( drawing the character in various rotation angles, usually front, 3/4 front , side, back , 3/4 back )
4) Scanning the character to flash software.
5) Breakdown of character into symbols in flash software.

after that is the process of making the character act according to your command.

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Rohit said...

ure a genius!!