Monday, April 6, 2009

I am not the only one!

When i was into animation i thought i could make it easier. But then the climate was different at the animation studio like , i thought i would be designing and creating a character myself and i will be the " whole thing animator "

Then i realized was i was not only the person who dream t like that. I am not alone and not the only one. Every person working for an animated movie or a promotional ad in 2d or 3d animation will have his/her own responsibility i.e a specific plot of work is allotted.

The making of an animated movie involves many people and seniors and juniors in the industry. Usually the job is split into various part ( small works - even it is a big work ) and everyone who specializes in that part will be assigned his role.

The studios usually have recruited director(s) , storyboard artist(s) , animation director(s) , senior animators , animators , keying animators , clean up guys , background artists and more.

When learning animation ( i am still learning) the exposure to actual animation production is very less. But when we breakdrown the total animated movie into seconds or even milliseconds, we may realise how much work has benn done in each and every frame in the movie.

Guess the production process of " The princess of the Egypt " , " The lion king " , " Alladin "

Take a breath! More later! Comments are Welcome!

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