Sunday, April 5, 2009

Step 1 is Dreaming!

Can anybody remember the names of the cartoon character and/ or count how many of them were seen on TV , Movies, posters, books etc. Even if we cant name or count the exact number, we are sure there are lots and lots. They are like human being and much better than them. how can we say that?

Ya we always dream about becoming ” Superman ” one day. The cartoons have their own special features and skills which are absent in human beings. thats why there are always entertaining to us and are heroes! right.

But in the mean time we will stop dreaming and start doing things! Let start from the basics and look into how they are actually made. We have seen them, we have enjoyed them, we are grown with them. Do we create them or do we create our own character ( inside ) and make him / her act in a film or make them entertain others. Now thats a great idea!.

In my blog i would present some of my works and tips on making animation.

In my later posts almost all the steps to create a complete animation will be covered.

Lets go on to step (1) Its dreaming! lets dream about a character which we want ot create and introduce to this world. Dreaming tickles your creativity and gives an outline ( technically called ” Brainstorming ” ).

Remember the step one is Dreaming.

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