Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If you ask me why i like animation?

If you ask me why i like animation? I reply that its because its fun from the beginning and the fun never ends.

The major advantage in doing your own animation is that it gives you power to create an new character and introduce him/her to this world. ( Yes You are promoted to ” CREATOR ” ). You can make him tell a story or act in the story or make a brand out of a character. Once people like your cartoon character, thats it you did a good job.

How can i say that? because your work not only satisfies you but also entertains and inspires every others.

Anyone can start his own animation, like practicing music, dance as hobbies. Thanks to free blogs and video upload sites, you can now present your ” Show ” to the world from wherever and whenever you can.

U may realise that its a new world and its your own world, create your own ( this and that ) character.

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Cris Monde said...

I also like animation cause you can express your feelings and emotions through your drawings. I also use to draw and make some anime character when I'm bored.

Cris | 2D Animation Philippines